Leif Dehmelt receives Heisenberg Stipend of the DFG

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How cells organize their shape:
Leif Dehmelt receives Heisenberg Stipend of the DFG

June 02, 2017

The Heisenberg Stipend aims to support excellent scientists that meet the requirements for professorship appointments. It was awarded together with a project grant to fund Leif Dehmelt’s research in the field of molecular cell biology for 3 years with a total sum of over 600.000 Euros.

Dr. Dehmelt leads the “Cell Morphodynamics” group in the Department of Systemic Cell Biology and at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Biology of the TU Dortmund. The Heisenberg Stipend enables an extension of his research on the organization of cellular processes.

His research focuses on the interplay between several cellular components that regulate the dynamic shape of cells. This interplay is part of a self-organizing process, which regulates forces within cells and hereby controls changes in cell shape. Investigations into those processes aim to provide a better understanding of cell function – in particular in normal embryonic development and in pathological processes, such as cancer metastasis.


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