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Philine Hagel, PhD student in the department of Structural Biochemistry

What are you working on?

On the structural and functional characterization of a toxin

DId you also wanted to become a scientist?


How did you happen to come to Dortmund?

Almost by chance – when I started university, although this was not my first choice for a study program. In the meantime I’ve been in Dortmund for almost seven years (bachelor’s and master’s degrees, now my PhD work) and I really like it because ...

What do you like about Dortmund?

... the people are not complicated, Dortmund and the surrounding area have really nice spots, the black-yellow “fever”

How do you like working at the Institute?

Very much! Why? We have an incredible number of options, a variety of methods and techniques and a broad range of topics. I like the proximity to the university, the internationality at the Institute and the communication with other (international) scientists.

What drives you on in your work?

The small successes in between! Each time you feel like you have achieved something great, even if it’s only a single experiment that worked.

What is science for you?

Solving exciting puzzles that affect us and our environment

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