Chemical Genomics Centre
The Chemical Genomics Centre (CGC), was initially established as a joint initiative of several departments and research groups in the Max Planck Society (MPS) and the pharmaceutical industry.
The focus of the CGC is the analysis of biological phenomena through the use of small molecules. The CGC focuses on novel basic research in the biosciences and chemical biology that holds great promise for application in the discovery and development of novel bioactive compounds and modulators of disease-relevant processes. This partnership opened up opportunities for research normally inaccessible to academia and research institutions.The CGC network interconnects the scientific, infrastructural and institutional strength of well-established Max Planck Departments with new research groups bringing in intellectual talent and novel scientific approaches. The CGC was set up as a 5 years project. After two successful funding periods (CGCI: 2005-2010; CGCII: 2012-2017) a third funding round of the CGC will be established in 2018 to warrant efficient research and collaboration among the participating groups.

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