Postdoc, Microscopy specialist, and Outreach positions with Andrea Musacchio, François Nédélec, and Thomas Surrey

BIOMECANET ( is a collaboration of the computational simulation group of François Nédélec (Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK) with the experimental working groups of Andrea Musacchio (MPI of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund, DE) and Thomas Surrey (CRG, Barcelona, SP).

BIOMECANET aims to reconstitute crucial aspects of cell division in vitro with purified components and realistically simulate these processes in the computer. The emphasis will be on how the cell cycle influences the mechanical workings of the cytoskeleton and how the physicochemical monitoring of the chromosome bi-orientation process affects the cell cycle.

With an official start date in July 2021, BIOMECANET will be funded for a period of 6 years by the European Research Council (ERC) under the Synergy Grant scheme. A structured, continuous collaboration of the computational and biochemical groups will inspire the work through the duration of funding.

BIOMECANET currently has the following openings

  • One Light Microscopy Specialist to work with Thomas Surrey at the CRG
  • Two Postdocs (Modelling and Simulation) to work with François Nédélec at the Sainsbury
  • One Outreach expert to work with François Nédélec at the Sainsbury
  • One Postdoc (Biochemistry, Biophysics) to work with Andrea Musacchio at the MPI-MOPH

For further information please use the following contact information:

Andrea Musacchio:

François Nédélec:

Thomas Surrey:

Application deadlines are October 15th, 2021, except for the Light Microscopy Specialist (application deadline October 3rd)

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