Protein Chemistry Facility

The Protein Chemistry Facility (PCF) is a high-throughput protein engineering and production unit.

The PCF acts as an institute-wide service centre and was designed to support the needs of structural-, chemical- and cell biological projects as well as biochemical HT-screening campaigns.

The PCF aims to promote and facilitate the use of high-throughput methods of protein engineering, production and analysis. By using cutting-edge technologies, the PCF seeks to achieve high-throughput production and engineering of proteins through automating, parallelizing and miniaturizing all stages of the involved processes.

The PCF has adapted and refined technologies for high-throughput cloning and protein isolation developed at the “Oxford Protein Production Facility”, which we gratefully acknowledge for their continues support. As well as automating and optimizing current technologies for each stage of the production process, the PCF is also developing novel techniques to address remaining bottlenecks.


Dr.  Jan-Erik Hoffmann

Dr. Jan-Erik Hoffmann

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