People @ the MPI

We are an international team of scientists from more than 30 nations dedicated to investigating the basic physical and biochemical processes in the cells at the molecular level. Our research is interdisciplinary: Altogether, we are around 150 researchers, including biologists, biochemists, chemists, physicists and theoreticians.

The spectrum of our topics encompasses the investigation of mechanisms that control cell growth, muscular movement, signal transduction, and the causes of cancer. We develop substances with which cellular processes in the organism can be targeted and influenced, and which may lead to the discovery of new drugs. 

Bei uns wird ein sehr breiter Bereich der IT abgedeckt, d.h. wir haben mit allen Techniken der IT zu tun und es wird nie langweilig. Die benötigte Technik für die Projekte in der Grundlagenforschung ist nie Standard, sondern speziell für jedes Projekt, wodurch es immer neue Herausforderungen und Anforderungen gibt. [more]
"I recommend to young scientists to be patient and to continuously get excited. If you want to work as a scientist, you should be aware of where your journey should go already during your education…industry or academics. You should not think and act according to the book, but rather think out of the box and remain open to interchange, questions and discussions." [more]
"It was not an intentional decision or an active process to become a scientist, I just followed my curiosity for the biology of life." [more]
"I want to know MORE. About how life is organized by itself and what is the role of a single cell. And how different aspects of cell are working together, like a well organized team for a common goal." [more]
"I like the multidisciplinary approach in which scientists from different fields such as biology, chemistry, but also physics work together. This gives you the opportunity to look at a problem from a whole new angle and to look outside the box of your own field." [more]
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