Shobhna Kapoor, Postdoc in the department of Chemical Biology

What are you working on?
I am working on identifying novel biological targets for their potential future use in the area of drug discovery and as chemical biology tools. My research basically aims to answer profound biological questions with the help of novel small molecules inspired by natural products.

How did you come to Dortmund?
I came to Dortmund as a member of International Max-Planck Research School in Chemical and Molecular Biology to pursue my doctoral studies.

How do you like living in Dortmund?
I enjoy living in Dortmund. It’s a very vibrant cosmopolitan place with lots of interesting events all year around. People are generally very nice and helpful. However, everything would be a bit better if the weather behaves a bit better.

What do you like about the institute?
Max Planck Institute is a fantastic place to do high-end science. The intellectual level of people coupled with their readiness to share their ideas and thoughts makes it even more special. The support for young researchers in terms of mentoring is also commendable. Infrastructural facilities are also of highest quality which certainly facilitates cutting edge science.

What would like to investigate if you would have unlimited financial recourses?
If I have unlimited financial resources I would like to discover the next generation of drugs for cancer, based on certain never done before path breaking scientific knowledge.

What is your favorite book or movie? Why?
Twilight is my favorite movie because it depicts love as the strongest human emotion.

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