CRISPR screens in Drosophila cells identify Vsg as a Tc toxin receptor

Xu Y, Viswanatha R, Sitsel O, Roderer D, Zhao H, Ashwood C, Voelcker C, Tian S, Raunser S, Perrimon N, Dong M. Nature (2022)


In a collaborative effort the Raunser lab, the Perrimon lab & the Dong lab from Harvard Medical School have identified the first protein receptor of Tc toxins. The toxins recognizes the extracellular O-glycosylated mucin-like domain of Vsg that contains high-density repeats of proline, threonine and serine (HD-PTS)

Their findings not only identify a proteinaceous Tc toxin receptor, but also reveal how Tc toxins contribute to P.luminescens pathogenesis, and establish a genome-wide CRISPR screening approach for investigating insecticidal toxins and pathogens.

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