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Alex, A.; Piano, V.; Polley, S.; Stuiver, M.; Voss, S.; Ciossani, G.; Overlack, K.; Voss, B.; Wohlgemuth, S.; Petrovic, A. et al.; Wu, Y.-W.; Selenko, P.; Musacchio, A.; Maffini, S.: Electroporated recombinant proteins as tools for in vivo functional complementation, imaging, and chemical biology. eLife 8, e48287, S. 1 - 50 (2019)
Basilico, F.; Maffini, S.; Weir, J.; Prumbaum, D.; Rojas, A. M.; Zimniak, T.; De Antoni, A.; Jeganathan, S.; Voss, B.; Van Gerwen, S. et al.; Krenn, V.; Massimiliano, L.; Valencia, A.; Vetter, I. R.; Herzog, F.; Raunser, S.; Pasqualato, S.; Musacchio, A.: The pseudo GTPase CENP-M drives human kinetochore assembly. eLife 3, S. e02978-1 - e02978-28 (2014)
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