Publikationen von Marius Hedtfeld

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Martin, I. M.; Aponte-Santamaría , C.; Schmidt, L.; Hedtfeld, M.; Iusupov, A.; Musacchio, A.; Gräter, F.: Phosphorylation tunes elongation propensity and cohesiveness of INCENP's intrinsically disordered region. Journal of Molecular Biology (London) 434 (1), 167387, S. 1 - 37 (2021)
Singh, P.; Pesenti, M.; Maffini, S.; Carmignani, S.; Hedtfeld, M.; Petrovic, A.; Srinivasamani, A.; Bange, T.; Musacchio, A.: BUB1 and CENP-U, Primed by CDK1, Are the Main PLK1 Kinetochore Receptors in Mitosis. Molecular Cell 81 (1), S. 67 - 87 (2020)
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