Dr. Katarzyna Kliza

Dr. Katarzyna Kliza


Decoding Post-Translational Modification Signalling Networks


Successful cellular adaptation to continuously changing environmental conditions relies on intricate regulatory mechanisms. Post-translational modifications (PTMs) represent a key strategy to ensure a dynamic, specific and accurate cellular response to external and internal stimuli. These chemical modifications regulate all aspects of a protein’s life, such as folding, trafficking, interactions, and (enzymatic) activity. Hitherto, hundreds of different PTMs have been discovered and their associations with diverse human maladies are well-documented. Nevertheless, due to their complexity and intricate crosstalk, our understanding of the features and molecular and (patho)physiological roles of PTMs is far from being complete. Our group focuses on elucidating the fundamental mechanisms and the physiological relevance of PTM signalling networks, focusing on ADP-ribosylation. Towards this aim, we employ a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach, including proteomics, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology techniques.





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# Co-corresponding authors

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