Publikationen von Toshio Moriya

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Wagner, T.; Merino, F.; Stabrin, M.; Moriya, T.; Antoni, C.; Apelbaum, A.; Hagel, P.; Sitsel, O.; Raisch, T.; Prumbaum, D. et al.; Quentin, D.; Roderer, D.; Tacke, S.; Siebolds, B.; Schubert, E.; Shaikh, T. R.; Lill, P.; Gatsogiannis, C.; Raunser, S.: SPHIRE-crYOLO is a fast and accurate fully automated particle picker for cryo-EM. Communications Biology 2, 218, S. 1 - 13 (2019)
Moriya, T.; Saur, M.; Stabrin, M.; Merino, F.; Voicu, H.; Huang, Z.; Penczek, P. A.; Raunser, S.; Gatsogiannis, C.: High-resolution Single Particle Analysis from Electron Cryo-microscopy Images Using SPHIRE. Journal of Visualized Experiments (123), e55448, S. e55448:1 - e55448:11 (2017)
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