Novel proteins for the activation of molecular switches in plants

Research report (imported) 2006 - Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology

Berken, Antje; Fricke, Inka; Scrima, Andrea; Thomas, Christoph; Weyand, Michael; Wittinghofer, Alfred
Emeritusgruppe (ehemals Abteilung für Strukturelle Biologie) (Prof. Dr. Alfred Wittinghofer)
MPI für molekulare Physiologie, Dortmund
Rho-proteins act as molecular switches that regulate vital processes in eucaryotic organisms. Their activation is essential for the processing of multiple internal and external stimuli. Scientists at the MPI in Dortmund recently discovered the responsible activating proteins in plants, which apparently represent the direct link to signal perceiving cell surface receptors. Although these proteins differ significantly from their analogues in animals and fungi, they still follow a general reaction mechanism.

For the full text, see the German version.

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