Central Services
for Science

The Institute has a high-performance infrastructure to support the scientists in their everyday research.

The biotechnology team performs DNA sequence analyses, carries out the breeding of model organisms, and provides various culture media.

The central cell screening facility operates the Compound Management and Screening Center (COMAS) with a central substance library of the Max Planck Society, which contains more than 240 000 low molecular compounds. These and other potential active substances are tested in biochemical and cell-based high-throughput screens.

The Dortmund Protein Facility (DPF) uses high-throughput methods for cloning and protein production. 

Electron microscopy enables the visualization of extremely small biological structures with high optical resolution. This technique is available for a broad spectrum of questions, from elucidating the structure of single macromolecules to the study of cellular networks. 

The central facility “Crystallography and Biophysics” provides a platform for medium- to high throughput protein crystallography as well as support in structure solution and analysis. Furthermore, we assist in planning and conducting biophysical experiments at the institute’s numerous instruments.

Additional service groups ensure smooth and effective research operations in the Institute

The administrative office of the Institute provides support and assistance to the research departments – so that they can devote themselves to their research activities with as little distraction as possible.

In biological research projects, huge amounts of data are often collected, stored, processed, and evaluated. The electronic data processing team operates, designs, and develops the IT infrastructure necessary for this.

The Grants Office actively works together with the research departments to find suitable national and international grant programs for promising research projects. Here the scientists also receive individual support in their career planning.

The facility management team takes care of the maintenance and repairs of the Institute building and the planning and coordination for building extensions and conversions to optimally adapt the laboratories and research facilities to meet the changing needs of science.

The team supports scientists in the safe use of machinery and equipment, hazardous substances, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and biological materials.

A professional team assists the scientists in making their research results graphically attractive for effective presentations and publications.

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