IT Services

IT Services

Whether for the electron microscopy, database researches or calculations for simulating life processes - for many biological research projects today, enormous quantities of data must be collected, stored, processed and evaluated.

Staff members of the IT Unit conceive, operate and develop the required IT infrastructure and continually update and adapt it to meet the changing demands of science, always oriented to the state of technology, to economic considerations, as well as to requirements regarding IT security and data protection.

  • They provide IT support for the planning and implementation of research projects, ranging from procuring and installing hard- and software for desktop computers to providing support in collecting and evaluating data.

  • They make the technical resources available for scientific computing, including compute-clusters and storage- systems with capacities of several hundred terabytes, which enable the scientists to examine live processes on the molecular range or to simulate the reaction possibilities of biologically relevant molecules on the computer.

  • They monitor and maintain the Institute’s local network, to which approximately 500 computers are connected.

  • They operate servers for systems-, infrastructure- and communication-services.

  • They advise staff members on IT issues and problems.


Dr. Christoph  Schwittek

Dr. Christoph Schwittek

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