Our Research Groups

The Institute consists of four departments. Each of them is headed by a director and is scientifically autonomous. In each of the four departments, thematically related research groups are integrated. They have their own scientific priorities and pursue independent research projects.

In our projects, we not only think in departments or disciplines. We focus on communication and cooperation. We draw inspiration from each other’s different perspectives, develop joint projects and thus benefit from the expertise of the other subject areas.


Mechanistic Cell Biology: Musacchio I Systemic Cell Biology: Bastiaens I Bieling I Schröter I Structural Biochemistry: Raunser I Chemical Biology: Waldmann I Loh I  Physical Biochemistry (Emeritus): Goody

Max Planck Research Group Leader

Sidney Becker

Chemical Genomics Centre

Gersch Imig I 't Hart I  Wu 


Charles LohResearch Group Leader

Charles Loh
Research Group Leader

Dazzling Synthesis with Creativity, Targeting Bioactivity with Flair

Stefano MaffiniProject Group Leader

Stefano Maffini
Project Group Leader

Mechanistic Cell Biology

Andrea MusacchioDirector

Andrea Musacchio

Mechanistic Cell Biology

Chemical Genomics Centre

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