Leif Dehmelt

We are interested in mechanisms, how the dynamic shape of cells emerges from interactions between cytoskeletal structures and their regulators.

Stefan Raunser

We use cryo-electron microscopy to study the
structure and function of membrane proteins
and macromolecular complexes.

Philippe Bastiaens

How do cells process extracellular information and thereby determine their identity?

Peter Bieling

We study the molecular mecahnisms that regulate changes in cell morphology.

Matias Hernandez

How do cells fuse together?

Roger Goody

Roles and mechanisms of Ras-family GTPase, in particular Rab GTPase, in the regullation of intracellular vesicukar transport

Stefano Maffini

How do cellular functions work together to faithfully segregate the genome?

Petra Janning

Mass spectrometry analysis of organic compounds, proteins and proteom.

Slava Ziegler

Finding the needle in the haystack: Exploring the mechanism of action of bioactive small molecules.

Andrea Musacchio

We investigate the molecular basis of cell division in eukaryotes.

Herbert Waldmann

We develop novel synthesis to produce natural product-inspired compound collections and use them for the study of biological phenomena.

Christian Schröter

How do cells turn signal into fate?

Ingrid Vetter

We determine the 3D structure of proteins and protein complexes via X-ray crystallography.

Marion Pesenti

We want to understand the complex molecular organization, structure and function of Kinetochores

Michael Grigalunas

Our lab is interested in exploring biologically-relevant chemical space through the chemical evolution of natural product structure guided by the concept of pseudo-natural products.

Our Research Groups

The Institute consists of four departments. Each of them is headed by a director and is scientifically autonomous. In each of the four departments, thematically related research groups are integrated. They have their own scientific priorities and pursue independent research projects.

In our projects, we not only think in departments or disciplines. We focus on communication and cooperation. We draw inspiration from each other’s different perspectives, develop joint projects and thus benefit from the expertise of the other subject areas.


Mechanistic Cell Biology: Musacchio I Systemic Cell Biology: Bastiaens I Bieling I Dehmelt I Schröter I Structural Biochemistry: Raunser I Chemical Biology: Waldmann I Loh I  Physical Biochemistry (Emeritus): Goody

Max Planck Research Group Leader

Sidney Becker

Chemical Genomics Centre

Gersch Imig I 't Hart I  Wu 


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