Our Directors

Andrea Musacchio, Philippe Bastiaens, Stefan Raunser, Herbert Waldmann (Emeritus)

Leadership in the Team

The four directors of the institute have a dual role: each of them heads an own scientific department. At the same time they jointly form the Executive Board and thus make decisions in the team about matters affecting the institute. The Board of Directors regularly meets to discuss strategies and make pending decisions.

Each of the directors assumes the position of managing director on a rotational basis for two years and is responsible for implementing the decisions of the directorate. The current managing director is Professor Stefan Raunser.

Max Planck directors are appointed by the Max Planck Society to permanent tenure and have a high degree of autonomy. They determine their own topics and are given the greatest possible freedom and adequate resources. Thus, together with their teams, they can develop innovative research at the frontier of knowledge. The work performed in a research area is therefore closely associated with the individual research interests of the director and his team.

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