Organization &
The institute has a staff of around 500 people, including approximately 150 scientists. 

There are four departments, each with its own research groups and their own specific focus. Each department is headed by a director who is autonomous in his research activity. All directors are scientific members of the Max Planck Society and decide jointly on all matters concerning the institute.

Every two years they rotate in assuming the role of Managing Director.

Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Philippe Bastiaens
Phone:+49 (231) 133-2200
Fax:+49 (231) 133-2299


Tanja Forck
Phone: +49 (0231) - 133-2201
Fax: +49 (231) 133-2299

Administration Manager

Wolfgang Bork
Phone:+49 (231) 133 - 2502
Fax:+49 (231) 133 - 2598

General Manager

Dr. Peter Herter
Phone:+49 (231) 133 - 2500
Fax:+49 (231) 133 - 2599


Petra Jurczynski
Phone: +49 (0231) - 2501
Fax: +49 (231) 133-2599

Evaluation and Advisement
To ensure the high quality of their work in the long term, Max Planck institutes regularly undergo reviews by an expert panel. For this purpose, each institute has an advisory board. This international body consists of 13 scientists from various renowned institutions. Every three years it carries out an evaluation of the research achievements of the institute. The results are an important basis for the planning of the distribution of resources by the Max Planck Society.


Expert View from Outside
The Board of Trustees is an institution which supports the regular exchange of ideas in the Max Planck Society. The main task of this body is to advise the respective institute in matters of science policy as well as economic and organizational issues and to promote contact to the city, the region, and other parts of society.

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