Family Services

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  • Pme Family Service
    Support in all situations of life by advising and referral services - free of costs
  • HoKiDo Kindergarden on campus
    Reserved places for MPI children
  • Parent Child Office
    For pregnant women, nursing mothers and employees who have an urgent shortage in child care
  • Flexibility concerning working hours and place of work
  • Leadership options for part time employees
  • Family friendly cafeteria with high chairs
  • Changing table
  • DCC Network
    Dual Career Couple Navigation


Health Promotion

  • Talks on Health and Fitness
    Medical Doctors and Sport Scientists report on nutrition, exercises, stress/relaxation, burnout...
  • Health Checks
    Back-check, body fat measurements, Cardio-Scan, Pedalo-Parcours
  • Preventative Course
    QiGong, Back Training, running training, Hatha Yoga, fitness courses
  • Massages
  • Taking part in "B2Run Firmenlauf"


Sigrid  Rosin-Steiner

Sigrid Rosin-Steiner

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