We are bridging scales

Researchers who seek to elucidate the complex processes of life rely on a broad spectrum of scientific methods, perspectives and ideas. We – an international team of chemists, cell biologists, biochemists and physicists – cooperate in many of our projects across research fields and thus link the expertise of our various disciplines. The aim of our research is to gain a holistic picture of how key proteins mediate vital processes and how networks of proteins regulate the behavior of living cells.

Mechanistic Cell Biology >

We analyze which molecular mechanisms strictly control and regulate the process of cell division to prevent faulty chromosome distribution and the resulting damage.

Systemic Cell Biology >

We investigate which signaling pathways cells use to respond to external disturbances and which errors in the collective behavior of the molecules lead to the emergence of diseases such as cancer.

Structural Biochemistry >

We specifically focus on the structural and functional analysis of protein complexes involved in toxin-mediated membrane permeation, the molecular details of muscle contraction and the dynamics of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton.

Chemical Biology (Emeritus) >

We develop active substances based on models from nature to target and intervene into biological processes and to investigate the interaction of molecules. We also seek to discover substances that will correct or halt the pathogenic, derailed processes.

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