The Alumninet of the MPI Dortmund

Research is a process, which is never stationary or comes to an end. A scientist’s life is characterized by numerous professional changes and a high level of mobility. Nevertheless, they often keep in touch with former colleagues and research facilities. In many cases this leads to long-lasting and fruitful cooperation. 

With great interest, we try to follow the career steps of our alumni and try not to lose track of them. The MPI Dortmund was a milestone in the career of many of them. There they not only met new friends but also established important scientific contacts. The idea behind setting up our Alumni Net is to create a platform where scientists - in a simple way – can stay in close contact as well as with the institute. More than that, this network this network will help to establish new connections between Alumni and scientists currently working at the MPI Dortmund.

Members of the AlumniNet will be invited to special events and Alumni meetings. Furthermore, we plan to offer a communication platform to for example spread information on events, symposia, lectures or job ads. Registration to the AlumniNet is open to all former members of the MPI Dortmund who worked at the institute for more than six months. If you have further questions contact us via .

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Furthermore, Alumni can benefit from numerous offers and events hosted by the Max Planck Society: Alumni can participate in a “Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researcher” - an event held on a regular basis – and get access to an internal communication platform maxNet. In addition, the Max Planck Alumni Association makes an independent platform available for all alumni – cooperation, global networking and personal career development ensue from this.

Our Alumni

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Shobhna Kapoor, Postdoc 2013 - 2016

Asst. Professor, IIT Bombay (since 12/2016)

"I am focusing on unusual lipids and lipid-induced signalling pathways."

Kapoor Lab

Manuela Molzan, PhD Student 2008 - 2012

Medical Manager, UCB (since 2015)

"At UCB I am working in the medical department of Neurobiology where I am responsible for the research in the field Parkinson disease and restless legs syndrome."


Thomas Frahm, Postdoc 2007 - 2008

Director, Life Science Nord Management GmbH (since 2012)

"I am lead of the project management for strategical projects in the cluster Life Science Nord and conduct the business of the corresponding industry association LSN e.V. We are supporting innovation by managing local, national and international partnerships."

Life Science Nord Management GmbH

Zhizhou Fang, PhD Student 2006 - 2010

Senior Scientist II, AbbVie (since 2013)

"I’m the lab head for drug transport studies in the DMPK department (Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics) of AbbVie. I’m responsible for all studies addressing questions of cell permeability and active transport to support both early discovery (optimising lead compounds) up to late development (advising, interpreting and design of clinical studies)."


John Weir, Postdoc 2011 - 2016

Group Leader at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory (since 01/2017)

"My Group studies mechanisms in Early Meiosis."

Weir Lab

Dirk Weinrich, Postdoc 2005 - 2009

Operations Manager, BASF Polyurethanes GmbH (since 2015)

"At BASF I am the lab head in the research field Polyurethanes Systems and Aerogels for insulation applications in construction. I am the operations manager of the pilot production of organic aerogels."

BASF Polyurethanes GMBH

Shehab Ismail, Postdoc 2009 - 2013

Group Leader, CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow (since 2014)

"Using structural, biochemical and cell biological approaches my group investigates the cellular mechanisms that maintain the distinct composition of cilia and immunological synapses."

Ismail Lab

Veronika Homann, Research Assistant 2001 - 2004

Senior teacher for Biology and Physics, Hildegardis-Schule Hagen (since 2008)

"What I appreciate most is the daily contact with young people. Each day brings new encounters and challenges often resulting in funny situations."


Marc Gerauer, PhD Student 2005 - 2008

German and European Patent Attorney (since 2011)

"For several years now, my primary practice is focused on patents in the technical fields of organic chemistry, polymers, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and related areas. I like leveraging the different options to protect intellectual property in order to create comprehensive value for the client. It is great motivation when I manage to find a loophole just when it looks like nothing will work."

Kraus & Weisert

Priyanka Singh, Postdoc 2014 - 2017

Asst. Professor, IIT Jodhpur (since 05/2017)

"My group uses a combination of cell biology, biochemistry and microscopy approaches to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying centrosome organization."

Singh Lab

Sina Gerbach, Postdoc 2011 - 2016
Scientific Coordinator, Leibniz Institut for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology, Jena (since 2015)

"My job at the Leibnitz Institute ist the german wide coordination of joint projects. I am also responsible for raising external funds from funding bodies like the BMBF or the DFG. Futhermore, I am doing project management, public relations and organization of conferences and workshops."

Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology

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