Aneta Koseska - new "Rising Star" of the Max Planck Society

Aneta Koseska was taken up in the Lise Meitner Excellence Program of the Max Planck Society (MPS)

June 23, 2020
PD Dr. Aneta Koseska, former research group leader in the Department of Systemic Biology at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Molecular Physiology, was taken up in the Lise Meitner Excellence Program by the Max Planck Society (MPS) as one of nine female scientists. Her Lise Meitner Group is endowed with a generous budget for material and human resources, as well as a W2 position at the renowned caesar research centre in Bonn.

"It is a great honor to be supported in this way", says Aneta Koseska, who is delighted to be accepted into the circle of the Max Planck Society's so-called "Rising Stars". With her impressive research successes and a brilliant scientific career, Aneta was able to prevail against a total of 470 candidates. As a Lise Meitner group leader, Aneta receives long-term professional security and structured career prospects, which enable her to develop her scientific freedom.


Aneta headed the research group "Cellular Cognition" at the Systemic Biology Department, MPI in Dortmund from 2016 - 2020. Her research interests focus on the question how cells process information in real-time and respond to combination of chemical signals that vary both in space and time. "What fascinates me are the physical principles of living matter. The enormous information processing capabilities even of biochemical networks in single cells, the balance between plasticity and robustness in cellular responses, and how living systems utilize these features when challenged with multitude of signals from a changing environment in which they operate. My goal is to develop a generic theory of biochemical computations and to understand whether single cells can learn" says Aneta with enthusiasm describing the focus of her future research at the caesar research centre in Bonn.


The Lise Meitner Excellence Program is a central component of the Max Planck Society in the initiative to change the culture in science and strengthen equal opportunities. Even today, female scientists still find it difficult to be recognized in a male-dominated environment, believes Aneta Koseska. " Women are generally under-represented when it comes to science, especially in STEM-related fields. However, science for me is a matter of passion and diligence, and I hope gender-bias soon will no longer be an issue.”


We congratulate Aneta Koseska and wish her every success for her extraordinary scientific career!

The Lise Meitner Excellence Program of the MPG

Since 2018, up to ten Lise Meitner groups have been established each year to attract and specifically promote exceptionally qualified female scientists. A multi-stage, competitive selection process takes place in close feedback with interested Max Planck Institutes. The Lise Meitner groups are furnished with their own resources for their entire duration of five years.

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