Herbert Waldmann receives important European Award in Peptide Chemistry

Herbert Waldmann receives important European Award in Peptide Chemistry

For his lifetime achievements in peptide and protein chemistry Herbert Waldmann is awarded The Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture Award

May 20, 2020
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Herbert Waldmann is awarded the Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture Award by The European Peptide Society for his lifetime achievements in the field of peptide and protein chemistry. His work has led to numerous groundbreaking discoveries and Waldmann is one of the prominent figures in this research field.

The Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture Award is presented in commemoration of Josef Rudinger’s role in the foundation of the European Peptide Symposia and of diverse contributions he made to peptide chemistry. The award is presented during the EPS Symposium and is sponsored by PolyPeptide Group. 

Herbert Waldmann is a leading protagonist in the field of chemical biology. At the interface between biology and chemistry, he combines methods from both disciplines and uses molecular probes as powerful tools for investigating biological phenomena. One focus of his research is the synthesis and investigation of peptide and protein compounds that control essential biological processes such as the transmission of growth signals or the transport of biomolecules in the cell and thus play a key role in neurodegenerative diseases or the development of cancer.

Since his appointment as Director at the MPI of Molecular Physiology and as Chair of Organic Chemistry at the TU Dortmund in 1999, Waldmann has contributed significantly to the development of Dortmund as a internationally renowned centre for chemical biology. He is the initiator of the Chemical Genomics Centre founded in 2005 in Dortmund, which the Max Planck Society runs together with research-driven pharmaceutical companies. As an author, Herbert Waldmann has published so far over 500 articles in renowned scientific journals. For his work in the field of chemical biology, he has been awarded numerous prizes and honors, such as the Otto Bayer Prize, the Emil Fischer Medal of the German Chemical Society Chemists (GDCh) and an Honorary Doctorate from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

About the European Peptide Society

The European Peptide Society is a non-profit association founded in the public interest to promote the education and scientific study of the chemistry, biochemistry, biology and pharmacology of peptides in Europe and neighbouring countries.

In collaboration with John Wiley & Sons, the EPS publishes the Journal of Peptide Science and the EPS Newsletter. It organizes the biannual European Peptide Symposium held since 1958.


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