The cholesterol transfer protein GRAMD1A regulates autophagosome biogenesis

Laraia L, Friese A, Corkery Dp, Konstantinidis G, Erwin N, Hofer W, Karatas H, Klewer L, Brockmeyer A, Metz M, Schölermann
B, Dwivedi M, Li L, Rios-Munoz P, Köhn M, Winter R, Vetter IR, Ziegler S, Janning P, Wu YW and Waldmann H (2019).  Nat Chem Biol

Using target-agnostic, high-content, image-based identification of indicative phenotypic changes induced by small molecules, the Waldmann lab identified autogramins as a new class of autophagy inhibitor. Autogramins selectively target the recently discovered cholesterol transfer protein GRAMD1A. In this context the group could identify a new role of cholesterol in autophagy and a new biological function of recently discovered cholesterol transfer protein GRAMDA1.
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