Prof. Dr. Hernan Grecco
Associated Group

Profesor adjunto, Investigador Adjunto CONICET Hernán Edgardo Grecco is head of a Max Planck Partner group at the Quantum Electronics Laboratory in the Institute of Physics at the University of Buenos Aires (IFIBACONICET).

To understand intracellular signaling, it is necessary to unravel how response dynamics emerges from the structure of the underlying biochemical network. The description of the system in terms of a network (rather than many pathways) emphasizes the complex interrelationships that are needed to achieve the plethora of cellular responses. I our group we develop optical and analysis methods to obtain spatially resolved, fast and accurate quantification of the abundance and interaction of molecular components. In this way, we aim to address how proteins are interconnected and how these connections change in response to stimuli giving rise to cellular function.

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