Molecular determinants of the Ska-Ndc80 interaction and their influence on microtubule tracking and force-coupling

Huis In 't Veld PJ, Volkov VA, Stender ID, Musacchio A, Dogterom M (2019). Elife

doi: 10.7554/eLife.49539.

The groups of Andrea Musacchio and Marileen Dogterom from the Delft University of Technology revealed that the interaction of the two microtubule binding complexes Ska and Ndc80 is phosphorylation-dependent and does not require microtubules, applied force, or several previously identified functional determinants including the Ndc80-loop and the Ndc80-tail. Both, the Ndc80-tail and the Ndc80-bound Ska stabilize microtubule ends in a stalled conformation. Its duration predicts whether a microtubule is stabilized and rescued by the kinetochore.
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