Compound Collection

The COMAS compound collection consists of about 200 000 natural and synthetic substances. Nearly 15 000 natural product inspired compounds were collected from Prof. Waldmann’s group (MPI Dortmund, Germany) and other groups of the Max Planck Society as well as from different German and international research institutes. 45 000 compounds from the Lead Discovery Center were integrated into the COMAS library. 140 000 third party compounds were added to cover a large diversity. The collection also includes approved drugs and drug candidates with known mode of action to quickly delineate possible targets (ca. 4000 compounds).

Compounds are stored as 10 mM DMSO solutions and/or dry powder in an automated compound store (A3 Store, Brooks) with a capacity of 300 000 tubes for liquids and 20 000 vials for powder. The attached walk-away unit allows for the automated loading/unloading of ca. 8000 tubes per 24 hours.

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