Carolin Koerner, Laboratory Technical Assistant in the department of Mechanistic Cell Biology

What are you working on?
Currently on molecular mechanisms in cell division. (the interaction between proteins at the molecular level)

How did you come to science?
Through my vocational traineeship as a biology technician. I really liked working on the basic principles of life as is done here at the MPI. That’s why I wanted to remain in this research area, and I feel very fortunate that I was able to do so.

What do you like about Dortmund?
Oh, a lot. Although Dortmund is a large city in the Ruhr region, you don’t necessarily notice it. The city still has a cozy atmosphere, and due to its many oases it provides an incredible contrast to the prevailing preconception of a typical “coal city” - dirty, loud, concrete, desolate, no culture. All not true. Perhaps due to its location on the periphery of the Ruhr region, Dortmund offers so much you don’t miss anything here.

What drives you on in your work?
Perhaps my curiosity and the feeling I get when I contribute a small piece of the puzzle to understanding the processes of life and to research on diseases.

What is your advice for young scientists?
I recommend to young scientists to be patient and to continuously get excited. If you want to work as a scientist, you should be aware of where your journey should go already during your education…industry or academics. You should not think and act according to the book, but rather think out of the box and remain open to interchange, questions and discussions.

What is science for you?

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