Farid Ghasemalizadeh, Postdoc in the department of Systemic Cell Biology

What are you working on?
I am working on reconstitution of cytoskeletal-based systems inside water in oil droplets and vesicles. The idea is to encapsulate tubulin and Microtubule Associated Proteins (MAPs), polymerize them into the organized microtubule and study the dynamics of microtubules in the confinement.

Why did you become a scientist?
I want to know MORE...About how life is organized by itself and what is the role of a single cell and how different aspects of a cell are working together, like a well organized team for a common goal.

How did you come to Dortmund?
I did my masters at the MPI in Stuttgart. I studied cell mechanics and how it can regulate cell-cell interactions. I am interested in cytoskeletons and how they can regulate morphological processes. Also, I am familiar with microfluidics. So, this was perfect opportunity for me to do in vitro studies on Microtubule dynamics.

How do you like living in Dortmund?
I like football, I like playing and watching football with my friends. Here, in Dortmund, football is a language, no matter where you are from. They love football and they love BVB.

What do you like about the Institute?
The international and friendly atmosphere at the Institute is a perfect motivation to start a day, good colleagues and perfect friends. It feels like a big “Family” here.

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